Snickers used to be called Marathon

…well in Ireland and the UK anyways, up until 1990. 


So I have signed up for the Hartford Marathon on October 10th, trying to set the bar a little higher for myself because although I’ve lost a bit of weight I’ve been flatlining at 212 for a while. My first big goal is to get under 200lbs so I need to kick myself in my own arse to try to get there. I’m on Day 2 of training in a 12 week program. Day 1 was “rest day” ironically and today I ran a 5k, with another 5k tomorrow and the next, Friday rest, Saturday 10k and Sunday 1 hour of cross training. That is the lightest week of this 12 week schedule but I am excited about the challenge. Hopefully lots of steps too!

Back at Fitbit 

My Fitbit was out of commission for a little while but my lovely wife hooked me back up the other day. Pleased to say I’m down to 212 so I’ve lost 23 pounds. My “big” goal is to get down below 200 and my ultimate goal is to get back to 180 which was my number pretty much all throughout my 20’s. The longer I’ve been making the choice to be healthier with diet and exercise the more I realize what a process it is. It’s inevitable that you are going to have not just bad days, but bad weeks, bad months. I feel empowered though because the will I have to be healthier is stronger than the urge I have to make bad choices, that’s what it all comes down to. That is the war I fight. That is the internal struggle. “Bad choices” probably isn’t a good term as that entails a lot. Some of those things included in “bad choices” are choices I thoroughly enjoy but not necessarily helping me in my goals so I need to analyze why I make those choices and see if they can be modified or replaced with something else. 199 here I come!

I got them Legs like Jelly (Sang to “Moves like Jagger”)

So after doing 75k steps on Saturday my legs feel like 2 full wine barrels on the 2nd day. Yesterday wasn’t too bad, I got 11k steps in, watched the Super Bowl, all was hunky dory but TODAY, sweet lord. Jesus take the wheel. Glory, hallelujah, praise be! Not looking forward to doing steps later. Can’t wait for the weather to get a little better so I can actually run outside! The floorboards in my house are getting squeakier by the day with all the jumping around I’m doing inside. My weight loss is flatlining for the time being, i haven’t gained or lost really but i know i haven’t been as good as I was doing on the beginning with my diet so I got to do a little better again with that I think.

75k steps with #fitbit

Well I wanted to hit 100k steps today for my fundraiser at

my fundraiser 100k steps in 24 hours

but I decided to bow out at 75k. My legs are about to fall off. I raised $100 in online donations and $13 in offline. I done 10k steps between midnight and 2am this morning then pretty much walked/jogged all day to get to 75k. I stopped because my legs and lower back were really starting to get to me. I gave it my best effort for today and I am very happy I raised some money for a good cause. I think 100k is doable, I need to be a bit more prepared in terms of rest and how I approach getting the steps. I’m going to try for another fundraiser, next time for a cause close to home. The Hartford Catholic worker that is run by My wife’s amazing Aunt Jackie and her husband Chris.


Throwing away the scales

Almost a month in to my fitbit weight loss journey and one of the things I have read about that stuck with me is not to rely on what the scale is saying when you weigh yourself, maybe take it out of the equation altogether especially if exercising and weight loss is new to you. I had found myself weighing myself a lot, 2 or 3 times a week. You are only setting yourself up to be disappointed. It’s a long process and there’s a good chance that if you are losing fat and building muscle, muscle weighs heavier and you might put on a little weight in the beginning. I found in the last few days that I’m feeling a bit different, my clothes fit a little easier, one or two people have commented heh you look like you have lost weight. That to me is becoming more of a reward as opposed to seeing less pounds on the scale so I’m going to leave the weigh ins to maybe once a month or so.

$3 raised for charity so far! 100000 steps with #fitbit

So my fundraiser for CT Children’s Medical center at:

shows a big fat zero dollars raised (I did make some requests with some local business owners and I submitted it to local papers but no bites) but I have received $3 in offline donations so far so this train is ROLLING and this challenge is ON!!!! Looking forward to January 31st where I challenge myself to take 100,000 steps that day. Not looking forward to February 1st where I imagine my legs will feel like 2 oak barrels. I will not fail, not like these people who fail on treadmills!!!! (The one at 57 seconds in is the best)

5 important things I do now with #fitbit I didn’t do before

1 – Weigh myself – My goal with fitbit is to drop 30 pounds and in 2 weeks I have dropped 6lbs. I never used to regularly weigh myself but fitbit forces me (in a good way) to be accountable. Stepping up on the scales and seeing 230lbs staring back at me was more shocking than it was depressing. I make sure to weigh myself once a week now. It’s important to know what you are at and how your lifestyle effects your weight gain and weight loss.

2 – Drink more water – One of my favorite things about this little device. It recommends you drink at least 80oz a day and only takes a second or two to track. In the past, days would go by without me drinking much water at all and all of a sudden I’d get this feeling like the Gobi desert was happening inside my mouth. I have been drinking a lot more and hitting my 80oz minimum every day. I feel like I have more energy as a result and not as hungry for snacks and things of that nature.

3 – Exercise – Yesterday was the first day where I didn’t hit my minimum of 10,000 steps and I feel very guilty today. I’m not going to get too bothered by it but I’m inspired to come back stronger today. I’m hoping if I keep it up I’ll continue losing a little weight.

4 – Watch portion size – The silent killer in America! Portion control. Making your own food is key to keeping it under control! Most restaurant meals could feed at least 2 people!

5 – Sleep better – I think all of the above results in you being much more ready to go to sleep and you get a good deep sleep in when you do. I do get awoken 4 or 5 times a night by my 8 month old but that’s ok, that’ll get better as he gets older!

If you are looking for a fun way to get a little healthier that you can control at your own pace, get yourself a fitbit! You can get one used on Amazon for $80:

Used Fitbits on Amazon

If you need some encouragement or advice on fitbit please ask! Don’t be like this guy and go in clueless!

6lbs lost in 2 weeks using #fitbit

Okay so its not a massive amount of weight, considering there was 230 pounds of it to lose but its a decent start. I didn’t do any major drastic life changes, I cut down on beer and drank a lot more water, I mixed in a few more healthier things into my diet and tried to minimize or obliterate things like soda, chips, chocolate and so on. I made sure I worked out once a day with at least 10,000 steps logged on my fitbit. Some days I ran, some days I took long walks, some days the weather was crappy and I had to step in place inside, no big deal. That’s about it. If i could lose 6 pounds every 2 weeks that would mean in 2 months I’d be at or below 200 and in 4 months I’d be at my goal of 180. Wishful thinking but the track I’m on now i just want to stay on it, if I lose more weight good, if not I’m not going to get down on myself. Taking steps and getting the workout in gives me reward enough. I have nothing to complain about and have never been happier. My little boy turned 8 months old yesterday and he is the happiest and healthiest little baby. No problems here, if you are looking for people with problems look no further than these drunk people falling down and doing stupid things, hilarious:

Practicing for 100000 #fitbit steps in 24 hours

My challenge to hit 100,000 steps for CT Childrens Medical Center is happening on 1/31/2015. Whether I get $1 or my goal of $10,000 the challenge will be met. 100,000 might not sound like a lot but it certainly is, especially for someone like me who hasn’t been exactly Bob Harper in the past few years! Between an hour early this morning before work and a half hour at lunch, I was able to log roughly 17500 steps. So if I push it a bit more and get to 20000 in that hour and a half that means I should be able to get to 100000 in 7.5 to 8 hours, if I kept that pace up, which I probably won’t or my legs will fall off. So I think my strategy going in will be to bang out 40,000 in the early morning, quick snack, another 40,000 in the afternoon, then give myself time in the evening to take a break, eat a decent meal and away we go with the remaining 20,000. I’m putting together a LOOOOOOONG playlist to keep me motivated/entertained so if you have any good workout songs you like send them my way (I like medium/fast paced, good old school piano dance tunes, think Urban Hype – Trip to Trumpton, Bizarre Inc – Playing with Knives, Sons of a Loop de Loop Era – Far Out, etc). Remember you can donate here at:

Now before I go, if any of you are hitting the gym today: Here’s what NOT to do while there:

This is DISTURBING! I mean what is she doing? It looks like she is encapsulated inside an imaginary egg, that CANNOT be comfortable, then the worst part is its all set to the backdrop of some mushy 80’s prom music! Heh lady…Get a fitbit and start doing steps!

Christmas is only 51 weeks away

I plan to be under 200lbs. We just had the best Christmas, it was this little guys first one!



After a couple of weeks of using my fitbit and some slight modification to my diet I feel a lot better in all aspects, my want to engage in healthier habits are constantly in my head and it’s all very positive. Even if I don’t lose weight I feel this alone is worth it. Setting realistic goals for yourself is key. There are certain things I do that I know are within my capabilities, for example drink more water. My fitbit helps me log how much I have had and it helps me drink more cause it’s an easy goal to hit. Logging food and calories? I don’t do it because I know it drives me nuts. I don’t have the care or patience. But that doesn’t mean I’m indulging in whatever I want, it has helped me be conscious of what I’m eating, when I’m eating it and portion control. Also I’m mixing in things to my diet I would never have dreamed of before. Avocados, kale, wheat germ, oatmeal, flax seed, lots of fruit etc. even if it’s one or two meals or snacks a day I try to make it a relatively healthier choice. Bottom line, if you find you are the type of person who wishes they could be a bit healthier but never quite get around to it, if you always kind of wish you sort of exercised but always “forget” whether intentionally or not…do yourself a favor and get yourself a fitbit. It will change your life!